Dear Readers!!!

Welcome to INDIAN RECIPE.Blog

My name is Prateek Jha and i am the founder of this blog .

i am an BSC graduate Indian from a middile class family.

As i was born and bought up in indian brahmin family it was quite obvious to develop a eating habit of vegetartian food.

That never means vegetarian food is not tasty ,However it has endless variety and tastes when it comes to vegetarian Indian Recipes.

Because my mom used to prepare many tasty and delicious recipes for us ,i also got curious to learn how to cook such tasty food .So i learned and cooked those recipes my self .

what i found was that every one to whom i offered my dishes ,praises me and told that i am able to bring that taste to them.

Therefore i decided to start this blog to share my recipes to the people on internet,searching for such Indian recipes.

Hope you guys find my blog useful for you and cook delicious Indian recipe for your friends & Family.

Your valuable suggesstion are always welcome .You can contact me through CONTACT US page on my blog.